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    1. Promotional Coupons

      Promotional Coupons


      Set up the conditions for promotional coupon offering – decide who and when will get the discount code. Extend the possibilities of discounts giving and make them more secure with the Promotional Coupons Magento extension. Learn More
    2. Automatic Upsells Magento Extension

      Automatic Upsells


      Standard Magento upsells and inexpressive cross-sells have no effect? Motivate your store visitors to buy more with the Automatic Upsells Magento extension. All you need to do is to create an upsell rule with anchor product(s) and related product(s). When your visitors add an anchor product to the shopping cart and click the checkout button, they see a pop-up with upsells you’ve configured. With our Magento extension you can be sure that your customers will never miss the upsells! Learn More
    3. Personal Discount Magento Extension

      Personal Discount


      The Personal Discount Magento extension allows you to target any shopping cart rule to selected customers only. Just select those customers you would like to apply a rule to, and the personal discount is done! Personalization can be easily turned off/on with just one action. Learn More
    4. Automatic Cart Upsells & Cross-sells Magento Extension

      Automatic Cart Upsells & Cross-sells


      With the Automatic Cart Upsells & Cross-sells Magento extension you can make random products or items sorted by any attribute displayed in the upsells block automatically. Learn More
    5. Group Gifts PRO Magento Extension

      Group Gifts PRO


      The Group Gifts Magento extension allows your customers create a group gift and invite their friends, colleagues and family members to chip in. Learn More
    6. Customer Products Magento extension

      Customer Products


      The Customer Products Magento extension allows you to create a multi-vendor marketplace. Your vendors can create their own products from the customer account or right from any product page. Learn More

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Magento is a flexible system, but very often users have difficulties with its configuration. If you have any questions related to magento extensions or magento configuration itself you can post them in our Q&A system where you can always get reply from our specialists or registered customers.

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