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  1. Usability Package

    Usability Package

    Starting at: $49.00

    Usability Package is a trio of Ajax Login, Cart Drop Down and Ajax Cart for lower price! Just put all of these products into the shopping cart and get 30% discount! Learn More
  2. Tasks and Memos Magento Extension

    Tasks and Memos


    The Tasks and Memos Magento plugin gives you an ability to create a task management system in admin panel. It is extremely usefull if you have several admin users and want them to interact one with each other. Learn More
  3. Simple Tabs Magento Extension

    Simple Tabs


    With the Simple Tabs Magento extension it is very easy to create interactive tabs with desired content and place them at any page of your store. Learn More
  4. Shipping Options Magento extension

    Shipping Options


    The Shipping Options Magento extension allows you to display additional fields at the Shipping section on the checkout page. Learn More
  5. Magento Extension - Random Order ID

    Random Order ID

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price: $79.00

    The Random Order ID Magento extension gives you an ability to hide your sales statistics from competitors (like count of orders per day) Learn More
  6. Promotional Coupons

    Promotional Coupons


    Set up the conditions for promotional coupon offering – decide who and when will get the discount code. Extend the possibilities of discounts giving and make them more secure with the Promotional Coupons Magento extension. Learn More
  7. Product Purchases

    Product Purchases


    With the Product Purchases Magento extension, the administrators of the stores can easily monitor the activity of sales directly from the product edit page. Learn More
  8. Private Store & Black List  Magento Extension

    Private Store & Black List


    The Magento Black list & Private store plugin allows you to restrict not registered users access to your store or create a black list of IP ranges to disallow access completely. Learn More
  9. Pinned Grid Headers

    Pinned Grid Headers


    The Pinned Grid Headers Magento extension displays an additional grid header at the bottom of the page when you scroll down. It is extremely useful for grids with huge number of rows. Learn More
  10. Personal Discount Magento Extension

    Personal Discount


    The Personal Discount Magento extension allows you to target any shopping cart rule to selected customers only. Just select those customers you would like to apply a rule to, and the personal discount is done! Personalization can be easily turned off/on with just one action. Learn More
  11. Magento Optimizer

    Magento Optimizer


    The Magento Optimizer extension makes all cleaning work for you. This module is responsible for automatic Magento cache, session, error reports and abandoned carts cleaning. Learn More
  12. Log In As Customer

    Log in as Customer


    The Log in as Customer Magento extension allows store administrators with appropriate permissions to log in to customer account right from the administration panel. Learn More
  13. Group Gifts PRO Magento Extension

    Group Gifts PRO


    The Group Gifts Magento extension allows your customers create a group gift and invite their friends, colleagues and family members to chip in. Learn More
  14. Magento extensions - Enhanced Product Grid

    Enhanced Product Grid

    Regular Price: $79.00

    Special Price: $49.00

    The Enhanced Product Grid Magento extension allows you to add any amount of additional columns to product grid and then filter as well as sort them. Learn More
  15. Magento extensions - Enhanced Order Grid & Flags

    Enhanced Order Grid & Flags

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price: $59.00

    This Magento extension allows you to add attributes to order grid and to assign flags to your orders. Learn More
  16. Customer Purchased Products Magento Extension

    Customer Purchased Products


    The store administrator can see the customer’s orders from the backend. But this information is rather scant. With the Customer Purchased Products extension you can easily monitor your buyers’ purchases directly from the customer information page. Learn More
  17. Customer Products Magento extension

    Customer Products


    The Customer Products Magento extension allows you to create a multi-vendor marketplace. Your vendors can create their own products from the customer account or right from any product page. Learn More
  18. Configurable Product Hints Magento Extension

    Configurable Product Hints

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price: $59.00

    With the Configurable Product Hints Magento extension, your customers will see a handy pop-up window if mouse pointer hovers over configurable product image on the catalog page. The window can contain the short description of the product options, such as size, gender, stock status, price, quantity, etc. Information displayed in the pop-up window can be easily customized by the store administrator. Learn More
  19. Cart Dropdown

    Cart Dropdown


    The Cart Dropdown extension shows Magento mini-cart block directly under the top My Cart link when the visitor hovers the mouse pointer over it. Learn More
  20. Automatic Upsells Magento Extension

    Automatic Upsells


    Standard Magento upsells and inexpressive cross-sells have no effect? Motivate your store visitors to buy more with the Automatic Upsells Magento extension. All you need to do is to create an upsell rule with anchor product(s) and related product(s). When your visitors add an anchor product to the shopping cart and click the checkout button, they see a pop-up with upsells you’ve configured. With our Magento extension you can be sure that your customers will never miss the upsells! Learn More

Items 1 to 20 of 23 total

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